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Cooking locally, with really sharp knives

Summer’s Last Kiss

Late summer occupies one of those special places along time’s ecliptic, a season rich in the shared history and anticipatory potential of generations of American children: sand in your toes, or maybe they were splinters, from bare feet on the boardwalk; some patient city’s turn at this year’s pennant race for the ages; that delicate ballast between boredom and promise, between idle time and the first day of school. [youtube tF1628qACPM] I remember the late-summer blur of my childhood Augusts… Read More »

2 Guys, 1 Pool Table, & Some Barrels

As a rule, I wince when I hear the words artisanal and Pinot Noir in the same sentence, conjuring as they do the pretension of restaurants that proclaim “house-made” and people who’ve watched the movie Sideways more than once. But exceptions prove rules, and every so often I’m lucky enough to be reminded of the origins of the term, the idea that wine-making is as much craft as science, and that small lots, made by hand, with obsessive attention to… Read More »