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Sex, Lies, and Tomatoes

A Rainbow of Heirloom Tomatoes In Season
I had always thought it was Mae West who said something about good sex being great, and bad sex being pretty good too, but now I can’t find the attribution, so maybe I’ve been wrong; although in my search, I did come across one Jimmy Williams (there are many Jimmy Williamses, and I’m honestly not sure which, but my money is on the old Red Sox manager), apparently of similar mind, who said, “Sex is like money, golf and beer – even when it’s bad, it’s good.” Whatever the case, I’m going to argue that sex is a really lousy analogy for tomatoes.… Read More »

Tomatoes Are Berries, Strawberries Are Not

Strawberry-Tomato Salad w/ Balsamic ReductionArmed with strawberries of such high sugar content, I wanted something with a bit of bite to provide ballast to the dish: Green Zebra heirlooom tomatoes, with higher acidity and more tartness than most of their heirloom cousins, would balance the flavor profile and a splash of color at the same time. Now, strawberries and tomatoes may or may not sound odd to you – they are both fruits, after all – but the what makes the match particularly interesting is that the tomato is a berry, while the strawberry is not…… Read More »